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Appellate law

Handling Appeals

Not every attorney is qualified to handle an appeal.

Appellate practice requires detailed knowledge of the special procedural rules applicable on appeal and an ability to recognize and present the critical issues to an appellate court - in the written brief and at oral argument - in a succinct, eloquent, and persuasive manner. Trial lawyers who are not experienced in appellate matters often fall prey to procedural pitfalls or emphasize the wrong arguments, because effective trial advocacy skills do not necessarily translate into effective appellate advocacy skills. 

Appellate law is one of our firm’s main practice areas. I have handled appeals in different Ohio appellate districts and in other states, including Florida and Massachusetts. In one case, I presented oral argument before the Massachusetts Appeals Court at the John Adams Courthouse in Boston. The case, captioned as Abrahamson v. Estate of Lebold, 89 Mass. App. Ct. 223 (2016), involved an issue of first impression in Massachusetts regarding the interpretation of the commonwealth’s “Saving Statute.”

We do not just handle appeals when one of our clients ends up being an appellant or appellee - we regularly receive referrals where another attorney has handled a trial and refers their client to us to handle the appeal. I am the secretary of the Cincinnati Bar Association’s Appellate Practice Group, which works closely with Ohio’s First District Court of Appeals. What I like most about handling appeals is conducting legal research, brief-writing and oral argument. 

If you need an appellate attorney, call us at (513) 621-4999 to discuss your options. Please note that there is a limited time to initiate an appeal, so do not delay.