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Business Litigation

Introduction to Business Litigation

Even a business with carefully drafted contracts and well-defined business relationships is sure to face some sort of major legal dispute at some point. It could be a dispute with another business, such as a breach of contract, a dispute with an individual, such as an employee threatening to sue for sexual harassment, or it could be an internal issue, such as a partnership dispute or a minority shareholder being excluded from the business.

Some of these disputes are easily resolved with simple negotiation, or perhaps with mediation. Others, however, require litigation. No matter what type of dispute your business is facing, it is wise to involve an experienced and creative business litigation attorney from the beginning. At The Durst Law Firm, we represent a variety of different types of businesses in a wide array of civil litigation matters. Businesses we have represented include restaurants, grocery stores, construction companies, real estate investment partnerships, retail establishments, consumer products manufacturers, franchises, medical practices and law firms. Types of cases we handle include:

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