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Below are some of the notable results we have recently achieved for clients.

  • Settlement of over $100,000 for client who was a victim of sexual harassment and retaliation while working for a large national company.
  • Won jury verdict in sexual harassment case against dental practice totaling $189,000 in the Butler County Court of Common Pleas. In this case, I drafted virtually all pleadings, took and defended depositions, and served as “second chair” to my former boss in the jury trial. The $189,000 verdict included economic damages (lost wages), compensation for emotional distress and considerable punitive damages. Additionally, the jury determined that our clients’ attorney fees should be paid by the Defendant, and the Court awarded an additional $59,587.50 in attorney fees after a fee hearing. Jessica Cope v. Hamilton Riverside Dentistry, et al.
  • $155,000 employment law settlement for client who was a victim of national origin discrimination, religious discrimination, and wrongful termination while working for a large national company.
  • $125,000 pre-litigation settlement in employment discrimination case against large public university.
  • $480,000 personal injury settlement for mother and son who were injured in a head-on car accident.
  • $100,000 slip and fall settlement for a client who tripped over an unsafe balcony threshold at a major hotel chain.
  • $100,000 personal injury settlement (insurance policy limits) for child hit by a car.
  • Represented 92-year-old mother of husband in divorce case, as well as daughter of husband from a previous marriage, both of whom were improperly named by the wife as Defendants in the divorce case in an apparent attempt to harass. After fighting to get the mother and daughter dismissed from the case, the Court ultimately ordered the wife to pay a total of nearly $30,000.00 to the mother and daughter to cover the attorney fees they wrongfully had to incur. The wife appealed. We requested the Court of Appeals to dismiss the appeal on legal grounds (the wife had already “satisfied the judgment” by paying the attorney fees as ordered, and her appeal was therefore moot). The Court of Appeals agreed with this argument and dismissed the appeal, leaving the award of attorney fees to stand.
  • Obtained summary judgment on behalf of Defendant in sexual harassment lawsuit on every count in the Plaintiff’s Complaint in case filed in the Butler County Court of Common Pleas, and represented client on appeal. Dana Ellis v. Jungle Jim's Market, Inc., et al.
  • Won jury verdict in favor of Plaintiff client, whose Audi was ruined after Quikstop Oilube improperly performed an oil change. The jury found for our client on all three counts - violation of the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act, violation of the Motor Vehicle Repair Act and negligence - after five days of trial, which included expert witness testimony for both sides. The case was later settled on appeal, to the satisfaction of the parties. Ismael Reyes v. Specialty Automotive Services d/b/a Quikstop Oilube.
  • Won jury verdict in favor of Plaintiff client against a chiropractor who violated the client’s HIPAA rights by maliciously disclosing confidential medical information about the client in a posting on the internet.
  • Obtained mechanic’s lien on major development project in downtown Cincinnati on behalf of drywall subcontractor client who was not paid by general contractor, and recovered $45,000 for client in an out-of-court settlement.
  • $257,835.00 judgment in assault and battery case for client who was sucker punched and pushed down a flight of stairs and through a window at the bottom of the landing. An additional confidential settlement was negotiated with the company that owned the apartment complex.
  • Argued in the Massachusetts Appeals Court in case involving procedural issue of first impression - the application of Massachusetts’ Saving Statute, G. L. c. 260, § 32, to the one-year statute of limitations provided for in § 3-803(a) of the Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code. The case was reported as Abrahamson v. Estate of Lebold, 89 Mass. App. Ct. 223 (2016).

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