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National Origin Discrimination

Introduction to National Origin Discrimination


National origin discrimination is defined as unfair treatment on the basis of an employee's country of origin, foreign accent, ethnicity, ancestry, or perceived ethnic background. It also includes employees being treated unequally because of their culture, the customs they practice, or the national origin of their spouse or circle of friends. Often, it is heavily intertwined with religious and/or racial discrimination. 

Some common examples of national origin discrimination are:

  • Racial epithets about an employee's country of origin 
  • Rejecting applicants or denying interviews to people who appear to be foreign, even though they are otherwise qualified to perform the job
  • Comments like "He doesn't fit in with the company culture here," or "We don't want too many [Hispanics, Asians, etc.] in the company."

Retaliation is Also Prohibited

Both Ohio and federal law include protections against retaliation. This means that if an employer takes an “adverse employment action” against (i.e., punishes) an employee because the employee complained about discrimination in the workplace (or engaged in another “protected activity”), the employee can file a lawsuit specifically for retaliation. It is common for lawsuits to include cases for both discrimination and retaliation.

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