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Read This Case Before You Steal Your Boss's Clients: Cautionary Tales from Definitive Sols. Co. v. Sliper

Ohio's First District Court of Appeals, which covers Cincinnati/Hamilton County, recently decided the case of Definitive Sols. Co. v. Sliper, 1st Dist. Hamilton No. C-150281, 2016-Ohio-533, __ N.E.3d __. This was an interesting case involving an alleged breach of a "non-solicitation agreement" and alleged "tortious interference" by former employees of a company. The opinion, by Judge Pat DeWine, is extremely well-written and demonstrates superior modern legal writing techniques.

There are several lessons to be learned from this case. First, the story of what happened:

A company by the name of Definitive Solutions Company, Inc. (DSC) had a contract with P&G to provide design and technology services. P&G was a major client of DSC. Four DSC employees were assigned to the P&G account. These employees worked closely with P&G employees, were often contacted directly by P&G for work on projects, and sometimes worked on-site at P&G. It appears they built up a rapport with their contacts at P&G. In 2011, these employees began leaving DSC. One of them formed a new company called Creative Elements Group, LLC (CEG), where all four ended up working.

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