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A High-Profile Sexual Harassment Case in Cincinnati, Ohio Continues to Unfold. Does Evelyn Marie Reid Have a Case Against Terry's Turf Club?

News reports recently surfaced about a woman's termination from a local restaurant, which quickly turned into a high profile Cincinnati sexual harassment case, garnering the interest of a number of Cincinnati employment attorneys. The woman's name is Evelyn Marie Reid, and she worked at acclaimed Cincinnati restaurant Terry's Turf Club until she was unexpectedly fired by owner Terry Carter in the middle of a shift. As reported by FOX19, 700WLW, WKRC, the Cincinnati Enquirer, and other media outlets, Ms. Reid began recording Carter as he escorted her out of the restaurant. The three-minute video captured Carter telling Ms. Reid to "keep your legs open." He also declined to tell her why she was being fired, which came as a total shock to her.

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When You Hire an Employment Attorney, Choose Wisely!

According to a study conducted by the American Bar Foundation, reported in the American Bar Association Journal, found that both plaintiffs and defendants in employment discrimination cases were deeply dissatisfied with the court process and the way their cases played out. 

Out of 41 employment law plaintiffs, interviewed, 27 - over 65% - thought that their own lawyers were incompetent or worked against them. Over 25% even thought that their lawyers were "corrupt." The surveyed group included plaintiffs in sexual harassment cases, race discrimination cases, national origin discrimination cases, Equal Pay Act cases, retaliation cases, wrongful termination cases, and age discrimination cases. As the ABA Journal reported:

Plaintiffs start out optimistic, the study found, until they encounter significant obstacles. Costs are high, conflicts develop with lawyers, and personal lives are affected. They rarely get a final ruling on the substantive merits of their case... Some complained their lawyers failed to make them equal partners in the litigation... Out of the 13 plaintiffs who said their lawyers had integrity or skills, five nonetheless thought the lawyers gave them bad advice, made mistakes or colluded with the defense. Many of the plaintiffs were shocked at the high cost of litigation. Some mortgaged their homes and took extra jobs to pay their lawyers, and some even declared bankruptcy.

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