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Trucking Accidents

Introduction to Trucking Accident Law

Truck accidents tend to be serious and often have fatal consequences. The size and weight of trucks make them a danger on the road. They also have larger blind spots than cars, longer stopping distances, and a wider turning radius. To make matters even worse, they are prone to “jackknifing” and are also more likely to roll onto their sides in the event of an accident. 

By law, because of the increased risks associated with large trucks, they are supposed to be driven only by qualified and experienced drivers with special commercial driver’s licenses. Unfortunately, a nationwide shortage of truck drivers has reportedly prompted many trucking companies to hire drivers with insufficient experience to handle big rigs. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) estimates that “driver-related factors,” such as speeding, tailgating, drowsy driving, failure to stay in the correct lane, and distracted driving, are the cause of 31 percent of fatal truck crashes.

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